Shine Brightly With Mikulka Electric

Outdoor lighting services in Monroe, Marlboro and Holmdel, NJ

Looking for a way to make your dark and drab yard shine? Light up your property with help from Mikulka Electric. Whether you want to install pathway lights or garden lights at your home or business facility, we have the skills and lighting materials to get the job done right.

Mikulka Electric makes outdoor lighting easy and affordable for homeowners and business owners in the Monroe, Marlboro and Holmdel, New Jersey areas. Reach out to our trained electricians today to discuss your outdoor lighting vision and budget specifications. You can count on us to install premium lights that suit your property and budget.

outdoor home lighting in Marlboro, Holmdel, Monroe, NJ

3 benefits of outdoor lighting

Why should you get outdoor lighting for your property? Below are a few reasons why outdoor lighting is the right choice for you:

1. It helps boost curb appeal. With good lighting, you can easily make architectural features stand out, making your property more appealing to buyers.

2. It provides safety and security. Well-lit areas, such as stairs, walkways and parking lots need premium lighting in order to prevent accidents. Also, lights tend to deter intruders from coming on your property.

3. It enhances your home or facility’s appearance. You can install lights that will illuminate your garden or flower bed, or you can add beautiful accents of light to fence posts, porches, gardens and pathways as decoration.

Mikulka Electric has lighting options that are bright, long-lasting and energy-efficient. Call 732-363-8954 to schedule your outdoor lighting consultation today. We’ll have your Monroe, Marlboro or Holmdel, NJ property illuminated and looking beautiful in no time.